While the exact origin of the term Corrupticut is not known and credit cannot be accurately given, it is believed the earliest reference in print was a March 28, 2003 article in the New York Times by Paul von Zielbauer titled, "The Nutmeg State Battles the Stigma of Corrupticut."

The article starts off gentle enough, opening with this careful disclaimer of sorts, "For the record, not everyone in Connecticut is a crook."

It's not long, however, before von Zielbauer gets to the meat of the issue in the very next paragraph, "But this is no longer obvious, considering recent news headlines. In the past two weeks, the mayor of Bridgeport was convicted on corruption charges, the former mayor of Waterbury was found guilty of sex crimes against children, and Gov. John G. Rowland's former deputy chief of staff admitted taking bribes from a well-connected state contractor."

That opening charge may seem a bit much to believe, but let me remind you — the article referenced above was written and published in 2003. Yes, more than a dozen years ago! In the time since, voters in the City of Bridgeport have elected Democrat Joe Ganim as their next mayor. This is the same politician, now an ex-convict, who spent seven years in federal prison after being convicted on 16 corruption charges. His prior stint as mayor (1991-2003) was apparently a very lucrative position until "he resigned after being convicted of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from individuals and companies in exchange for sending city contracts in their direction." (New York Times)

As if that isn't enough for your mind to digest, nearly twelve years to the day after the above referenced 2003 article appeared in the New York Times, that same reputable newspaper ran a story with this headline, "Judge Sends Rowland, Ex-Connecticut Governor, Back to Prison." It would seem a simple and reasonable assumption that the people of Connecticut deserve better, yet when and where will things start to change.
  Definition of Corrupt - having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain
If you check one or more dictionaries, you'll find a substantially similar definition for the term corrupt. The list of synonyms is also quite telling. In an instant, you can understand the problem that may exist, especially in a small state, for those who may have sincere and genuine interests in cleaning up the problem.

Corrupticut as defined on Urban Dictionary
The term 'Corrupticut' as defined on Urban Dictionary 
In early 2015, by all appearances, the business of corruption in the once great State of Connecticut, had set itself apart from garden-variety corruption elsewhere and was now worthy of more focused attention. The Department of Justice for the District of Connecticut announced formation of a Public Corruption Task Force to address what U.S. Attorney Deirdre Daly described as "a persistently present problem." Citizens were encouraged to dial 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) where the voice response system had options for terrorism, a then-recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures, and yes, Connecticut had sadly earned distinction, "Press 6 if you are calling about public corruption in the State of Connecticut."

Only time will tell . . . and we will all have to continue watching this story as it unfolds, but we can only hope that the efforts of federal and state law enforcement, as well as the "dogged media and courageous, conscientious citizens, business owners and public officials who have provided information about corrupt activity in their midst," as described by the DOJ in their Feb. 4, 2015 press release.

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