About Us

In both our world and national history, it has been proven time and again that meaningful change is often triggered by grass-roots advocacy. Corruption certainly is not a new phenomenon and some have questioned whether Connecticut's familiar nick name as 'The Land of Steady Habits' is in recognition of our unfortunate history of public corruption, rather than more admirable qualities of citizenry from centuries past.

It is truly sad for this author that the very place I call home — and have called home for many decades — has a seemingly endless supply of corrupt individuals drawn to positions of authority and/or alleged 'public service.'  

By sharing facts and corresponding thoughts from time to time, it is my hope to shed a spotlight on some of these corrupt actions and individuals, with hopes that they and others will choose a different path in the future. Comments are welcome, but please keep them out of the gutter. Even if you have a different point of view, it's healthy to have a reasonable discussion as to all sides of an issue.

Over time, I hope the great state of Connecticut can, once again, be known for innovation and hard work, as well as the wonderful history and beauty that touches every corner of our state.