Saturday, December 19, 2015

Corruption In Connecticut

Corruption has been in the news in Connecticut even before it was known as the 'State of Connecticut.' The earliest reference to the concept of corruption can be found recorded on the pages of The Connecticut Courant newspaper on 29th of July 1765 . . . as reprinted from the Boston Gazette, back from a time when the Colonies of Connecticut and Massachusetts were still under British rule. While the context of this early article is different, the questions being asked are strikingly similar.

"THE people of Virginia have spoke very sensibly, and the frozen politicians of a more northern government for they have spoke season treason; Their Spirited resolves do indeed serve as a perfect contrast for a certain same, pusillanimous, daub'd, insipid thing, delicately touch'd up and call'd an address; which was lately sent from this fice the water, to please the taste of the roots of corruption on the other--Pray gentlemen is it treason for the deputies of the people of assert..."

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